How do you feel about the new Marijuana laws? by Jessica Sinclair

How do you feel about the new Marijuana laws? by Jessica Sinclair



I chose to ask the question “how do you feel about the new Marijuana laws?” because I feel it affects a lot of youth including myself.

Marijuana became legal within the past few months but the vision of what a pot-permissive Canada looks like is still hazy. There is a lot we don’t know. For example, what will happen to the Illegal dispensers? The new laws don’t really affect me anyway.







I feel a bit relieved knowing that people don’t have to worry about sneaking around to get it. However, the down side of it now being legal is the change that will come with the freedom. It’s a good thing for people with health issues but when others are trying to hustle it, its not a good thing.






I think the legalization of weed will cause more fines for individuals who don’t know the laws around it. It does provide a safe way for people to get weed by buying it at store and they’ll now know it’s not laced with any other drug. If people are doing it safely, it should not be a problem in this community. I think we need to educate people on it.






My thoughts on the new weed laws: I feel it’s just a big money grab. There are pros and cons.


-Decrease of weed charges for 18+

-Smoking one a day is better than drinking one a day

-Dispensaries are way safer than street drugs because people know what they are buying)


-If you begin smoking regularly at a young age your brain stops producing dopamine which is a chemical that it needs to function.






I think it’s ok, but only in moderation. I don’t think you should do it everyday.






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How do you cope with life by TerriLynne Belisle

How do you cope with life?

Project completed by TerriLynne Belisle

TerriLynne, Age 16

Hello, my name is TerriLynne and I chose the topic of “how do you cope with life” for this Word on the Street because a lot of people I know struggle with mental illness, addictions and their own personal demons

How I cope with life is through listening to music and through photography




Randy, Age 28

Hi, I’m Randy. I’m 28 years old, and I have a few ways I cope with life. One of the ways is through self-care, getting away, spending time by myself just doing something relaxing like reading, or having my coffee in peace. Sometimes, that means I’m doing things that I know are good for me even if it’s not what I feel like doing. For example, just eating right and getting sleep, going to get exercise, and doing physical activity. Also, an important thing is having people around that I know, love, and that care about me. That know me for who I am and just fully accept me and love me no matter what kind of place I’m in and who I feel safe around and that make me feel cared for. It’s really important that people support you.



Lexi, Age 16

I put myself in an empty room, breathe and write my poetry or keep doing my breathing techniques.







Rain, Age 17

I cope with life by making films and communicating with others.




What do you want from 2018?

Word of the Street March 2018  

story & photography by Kiyari McNab

Kiyari McNab is 17 years old and started attending school and programming at CNYC this past September. She is passionate about art and expressing herself creatively through painting, poetry and photography. She is dedicated to her academic goals and is a wonderful student at CNYC. The WOTS program has allowed her to evolve as a writer, photographer and gain editing experience.

Britteny, age 16

Question- what do you want out of 2018, from school and relationships?

Answer-Hi my name is Britteny and I’m 16 years old and what I want out of relationships is for people to get along and work through differences, for school I want the teachers to understand what the students go through in their personal life, out of school.

Aaron, age 15

Question – what do you want out of 2018, from school and relationships?

Answer- Hi my name is Aaron and I’m 15 years old, As for school I’m hoping to finish my grade 10 cause I wasn’t able to finish grade 9 properly, I want to get my work done and prove to others that I can do more then what I’m proven for. Out of relationships, along my significant other I’m hoping to make it last longer then the way it’s things have been going.

Shay, age 15

Question- what do you want out of 2018, from school and relationships?

Answer- Hi my name is Shay, I’m 15 years old and this year I want to finish my grade 10. Out of relationships, me, my mom have a good relationship and I want to keep it that way.

Terri- Lynn, age 16

Question- what do you want out of 2018, from school and relationships?

Answer- Hi my name is Terri-Lynn but I like to be called Terri, I’m 16 years old, I hope to make friends and school I’d like to finish my grade 10 and be better at finishing my homework/ in class work.

Ben, Age 19

Question- what do you want out of 2018, from school and relationships?

Answer- Hi my name is Ben, I’m 19 years old, and for 2018 I’d like to really work on myself, mentally and physically, also deal with my addictions, keeping myself busy, focusing on myself and being alone, and learning how to cope with that. I plan on being single for a while because I was in and out of relationships for a very long time.

Elisha, age 18

Question- what do you want out of 2018, from school and relationships/love?

Answer- Hi my name is Elisha, I’m 18 years old, out of love? I think the term sounds overrated, I think it’s better to love yourself then to love anyone else and anywhere else, Out of 2018 I just want love myself, and make some new friends to create any kind of relationships with them

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