A Nostalgic Memory 

when I was younger my family was

strong, as children we’d run around

all day long

as days grew dim we’d cozy up close,

at the person house we played at the


making up games like Pac-Man and

house, or even that time Isaiah

caught a mouse

with our new pet frank we all went

to bed, while nostalgic memories

lived in our heads

but there was one cousin who always

got cold, without any blankets or

teddy to hold

– Raine Williams


Broken ice, broken hearts.
Can’t let it go, don’t know
Where to go…
Just flowing with the water
Slowing my pace as I follow
Those steps
Running from my troubles.
– Kiyari McNab



Twisted, broken, and it’s all in
One stump.
It’s amazing how something of nature
Can grow so strangely.
Suddenly we learn we are a part of
Nature itself.




– Kiyari McNab


At Peace With Me
Addiction may run through my veins
It also may affect the decisions I make
But never will I let it define the person I’ve became
I’ll be happy with how I remain
By becoming clueless to what it is like to feel ashamed
To continue living my life day by day
Even if that saying is a cliche
It helps guide me in my new frame of mind
Otherwise it is hard when you are not used to things being fine
I’ve never been one to pray but now I do have faith
Being sober gave me hope in today
Plus strength to forgive myself for yesterday
The addict in me has gone to sleep
Finally my mind is at Peace and I am free.

– Jerred Scotty