WOTS Youth Projects

WOTS encourages all forms of storytelling and aims to provide CNYC youth with the support, equipment, resources and information to work on any project that they want to create.

Both written and spoken word poetry allow our youth to express the struggles they face and how they work to overcome them. Poetry is a way of healing, understanding and making sense of our experiences. Because our youth often come from difficult circumstances, this is an outlet for them to cope in a healthy way that allows others to learn from their interpretations of the world.

The essays written by youth include powerful anecdotes about their lives, what they are passionate about and what they want for themselves. Their writing is a form of self-empowerment and resistance as they gain experiences learning and giving back to their community.

Songs made in the WOTS program have original and raw lyrics written by CNYC youth. Many of our youth are constantly scribbling lyrics and working on their next track. The projects are recorded with the support of audio engineer, Muskwa Lerat, in PAVED Art’s audio suite. All of the music created by CNYC youth is also accessible from our Soundcloud page here!

Youth have a unique perspective on the world, which can be captured in photo-voice projects and photo essays. The photos taken during the WOTS program give the viewer an opportunity to understand the world through their eyes.

Video & Documentary
Filmmaking is one of the most powerful methods of communicating ideas and stories to audiences around the globe. Our digital storytelling program gives youth the skills, resources and support to make short films and documentaries about topics that are relevant and meaningful to them.

Celebrity Interviews
Our WOTS celebrity interview series provides CNYC youth the chance to engage with local leaders, role models, and high-profile individuals in our community. Youth can ask tough questions and inform people in positions of power of the issues they face as youth from the core neighbourhoods in Saskatoon.